QROPS – Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme

QROPS is a pension scheme introduced by HMRC to help people living and retiring outside of the UK. For people who are living and planning to retire in the USA. QROPS can be an excellent solution for easy management of  your old UK pension assets.

There are a number of reasons to look at a QROPS pension transfer –

  • A QROPS can make managing your old pensions significantly easier by having them all in one pension scheme.
  • A QROPS can provide more efficient tax planning, depending on where you retire.
  • A QROPS allows you to hold your pensions in a variety of currencies, not just GBP.
  • A QROPS gives you the ability to pass on your pension to your chosen beneficiaries.
  • A QROPS can, in many cases, eliminate your UK tax liability on your pension.

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